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Indecisive Men

INDECISIVE MEN – Irresolute and Oscillating – Half Decided Questions Lingering in their minds – Swords Hanging over their heads – Exert an overall Demoralizing influence – Always on the Fence about the Smallest of things – Create a Whole Atmosphere around them which is Loaded with Indecision – Constantly Wavering- they are Timid and…

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Musings on the ‘Calculating Individual’

Musings on the 'Calculating Individual' He’ll think through very carefully and Execute sharply. He’ll never Reveal the detailed plan in his mind to ANYONE- until the right time & and he knows the right time. He’ll exclude you ( not purposely), if you’re of the slightest impediment. He’ll ensure he does…

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"Winning" Don’t make many small decisions- Make Few, Hard Decisions that Matter, which you’re Resisting. Don’t Focus TOO much on the Details- Eliminate the Bullshit and Focus on the Essentials. Don’t be Methods Driven- be Results Driven. Do what Works. Fuck the Rest. Don’t aim for Perfection, you’ll never attain it…

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13 Common Conflations Self Respect vs Self conceit Interested vs Nosy Relaxed vs Lackadaisical Steadfast vs Stubborn Conversational vs Jabbering Free Spirited vs Arrogant Thrifty vs Stingy Mixing well with people vs Being Artificial Logical vs Disregard to own/others’ feelings Decisiveness vs Impatience Approaching…

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Thriving & Performing Daily- Writing down Tasks to be Achieved Visualizing Achievement of Goals Daily Tackling most unpleasant Tasks when freshest Consolidating Time in Big Chunks Before every task undertaken- identifying the Objective it must Achieve Tolerating Zero Clutter 80:20 Rule Ready-Fire aim- Killing procrastination Deadlines…

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