Toxic Ways of Living & Beliefs that Destroy Men

1. “Unconditional Love between Man & Woman exists”2. “Love is enough bro”3. “Man up & Settle down!’4. Drowning Inner emptiness with booze, video games & porn 5. Not addressing underlying causes of Inner pain & Angst6. Not finding a Creative outlet7. Falling in love with infatuation itself 8. Wrongly Thinking- being content & comfortable is ‘self […]


1. Daily- Writing down Tasks to be Achieved 2. Visualizing Achievement of Goals Daily 3. Tackling most unpleasant Tasks when freshest 4. Consolidating Time in Big Chunks 5. Before every task undertaken- identifying the Objective it must Achieve 6. Tolerating Zero Clutter 7. 80:20 Rule 8. Ready-Fire aim- Killing procrastination 9. Deadlines always 10. Keeping to all Promises 11. Being Obsessed with Punctuality 12. Getting Specific- Boiling […]


– Self Respect vs Self conceit – Interested vs Nosy – Relaxed vs Lackadaisical – Steadfast vs Stubborn – Conversational vs Jabbering – Free Spirited vs Arrogant – Thrifty vs Stingy – Mixing well with people vs Being Artificial – Logical vs Disregard to own/others’ feelings – Decisiveness vs Impatience – Approaching Life with a […]


1. Don’t make many small decisions- Make Few, Hard Decisions that Matter, which you’re Resisting. 2. Don’t Focus TOO much on the Details- Eliminate the Bullshit and Focus on the Essentials. 3. Don’t be Methods Driven- be Results Driven. Do what Works. Fuck the Rest. 4. Don’t aim for Perfection, you’ll never attain it – Look for the most […]

Musings on the ‘Calculating Individual’

– He’ll think through very carefully and Execute sharply. – He’ll never Reveal the detailed plan in his mind to ANYONE- until the right time & and he knows the right time. – He’ll exclude you ( not purposely), if you’re of the slightest impediment. – He’ll ensure he does this extremely Tactfully. – He’ll […]

Indecisive Men

– Irresolute and Oscillating – Half Decided Questions Lingering in their minds – Swords Hanging over their heads – Exert an overall Demoralizing influence – Always on the Fence about the Smallest of things – Create a Whole Atmosphere around them which is Loaded with Indecision – Constantly Wavering- they are Timid and generally Hesitant […]


Many Men are Disappointed with their past. What they’ve Achieved is an Apology for the Life they vaguely ‘EXPECTED’ to Live, and the things they half believed they would do. Many go to their Graves without ever Discovering their ‘Potential’, Becoming the ‘Best Version of themselves’, ‘unlocking their Reserves’. 10 Causes AND Symptoms of Mediocrity […]


Repeat out ALOUD these Powerful Thoughts to yourself. At least twice a Day. Feed your Subconscious Mind. Make him work FOR YOU. 1. INTEGRITY : – My word is my Bond. – I Keep it at All Costs. – It is most sacred to me. 2. RESPONSIBILITY : – The Buck Stops here. I have no […]

The Virile Mindset

START with these 14- Get down to it. 1. “Who am I? 2. “What’s my Identity?” 3. “What do I Stand for?” 4. “What are my Driving Beliefs?” 5. “What am I Willing to lay down my Life for?” 6. “What are my Main Responsibilities?” 7. “What are my Main Strengths? 8. “What Standards I […]


It is your Inner Attitude towards Life that Chiefly determines the Quality of your Existence. Thought isolates a Man from the Imitators. Life goes on. Good times pass. Bad times pass. Therefore you must learn to be Equanimous. The only thing which is actually ‘yours’ is your Mind and Body. This will hopefully Remain with […]

High Performers

– Have High Internal Curiosity – Are Driven to build Deep Competence within field of Interest – Actively Engage in Learning on a Daily Basis – Spend more time Doing things that they Personally find Meaningful – Ask : “How can I serve in Unique ways?” Bring joy- don’t wait for joy to Land on […]


Productivity = Doing the Right things. With a Sense of Deliberateness and Intention. 3 Ingredients : Way TIME is Managed.  Amount of FOCUS Applied. The quantity of ENERGY Contributed. Action Points : Ask “When the day is over, what three things will I want to have accomplished?” Then write them down. Tackle High Impact Tasks […]

Universal Laws

Oneness- Everything is Connected. What you say, think, so, has effects on others Vibration- Each Sound, Thought, Thing has Vibrates at its own Frequency Action- Without Action, nothing can be Manifested Correspondence- As above, so Below Cause & Effect- You Reap what you sow Compensation- You get back what you create for others & yourself […]

The ‘Free’ Man

– Has an Affirmative, Adventuring approach to Life. – Playing to Win, not to Lose. – Chooses his own Values Proactively, not reactively. – Seeks Happiness in the Present. – Knows Life is Unfair & Humans are unequally Gifted. – Creates the World he wants, never Complains. – Always Focused on what he is Becoming. […]

Passive Aggressive People

First Smell these Rats. This is what they Smell like:- 1. Ambiguous, Mixed, Unclear Messages Veiled Hostile Jokes I.e Disguised Hostility. 2. Sarcasm Galore- Deliberately will first upset you. Then Accuse you of Overreacting. 3. Communicate Negativity through negative non-verbal gestures. 4. Disrupt Tasks whenever you’re being Productive. 5. Will resist contributing ideas themselves & […]


Winners: 1. Unreasonably Demanding of themselves. 2. Unusually Curious about the Possibilities. 3. Obsessively Action-Oriented. 4. Control Freaks when it comes to their own thoughts. 5. Possess Sage like Detachment toward Outcomes. Losers: 1. Unreasonably Soft on themselves. 2. Unusually Indifferent, Filled with Self-Conceit. 3. Obsessive Day Dreamers. 4. Compulsive Control Freaks. ‘Stress’ about things […]


You will NEVER find the Price of Success ‘marked down’. 1. Galileo- Imprisoned for his discoveries in science-he experimented with a straw in his cell. 2. Newton- His dog destroyed the papers he spent long years on a detailed calculation. Cheerfully he replaced them. 3. Napolean – Waited 7 years for an appointment-during which time […]


Ask yourself: 1. What is my Nature? 2. What Motivates me? 3. What is my Tolerance for pain and risk? 4. What has given me Happiness and Unhappiness in the past? 5. What things and people am I comfortable with? 6. What are my Talents and Skills? 7. Do I know the difference between what […]


1. Surround yourself with Junk Food, Junk Media, Junk People 2. Have Zero Purpose to your Life 3. Nurture and Bottle up- Emotions of Envy & Resentment specifically 4. Aim as Low as you can 5. Learn to be Unreliable- this will Isolate you & add to your Misery 6. Dwell on the Past, Worry […]


1. Your Friends Reveal who you are. 2. Your Actions Reveal your Decisions. 3. Your Sacrifices Reveal the Intensity of your Desire/s. 4. Your Tone and Body language Reveal the State of your Inner Mind and Heart. 5. Your State of Health Reveals your Overall Self-Control. 6. Adversity Reveals Bravery. 7. How Money is spent […]


1. Listen to your Gut always 2. Learn to Vet Women Obsessively 3. Study Widely. Write. Self Reflect. Develop Discernment 4. Lift 5. Take Risks 6. Be Paranoid about Letting people into your Close Circle 7. Develop Discipline in Everything, Live by a Routine 8. No Drugs 9. Maintain a Sense of Honor in Every […]


1. Dwell upon your own Petty Troubles & Ailments. Take no Action. 2. Make sure you’re Mind harbors Dark, Hateful, Envious, Suspicious & Mean Thoughts- most of the time. 3. Run away from your own Duty, Shirk it always. 4. See the Worst in all Situations. 5. Surround yourself with Pathetic people. 6. Entertain a […]


1. Be willing to Stick your Neck out to get a thing done. 2. Always keep your fucking word as far as possible- your word is all you’ve got. 3. Don’t get bogged down by Disaster. Take it. It’s a part of life. 4. Carefully Study the Actions and Motives of people YOU deem ‘successful’. […]


– Hold onto Past Grudges – Wallow in Self Pity – Give into your Basest Impulses – Stay Resentful & Bitter – Keep Comparing yourself to Others – Worry about Things out of your Control – Overconsume Processed, Junk Food – Get Zero Sunlight – Work on Somebody Else’s Dream – Have no Convictions of […]


1. Personal Qualities 2. Personal Habits 3. Thinking 4. Business Style 5. Management Style 6. Overall 1. Personal Qualities: – Self Doubt – Hesitancy & Indecisiveness – Laziness – Pessimism – Droopiness – Unimaginative 2. Personal Habits: – Always Find ways to Dissipate your Energy. – Always Allow people to impinge on your time. Be […]


Of ALL Activities, Ask : 1. What Results do I expect from this Activity? 2. Is this the Right thing to do? 3. Does this Activity Contribute to my Objectives? 4. Is this an Opportunity or Problem Area? 5. If this Activity is Contributing, how exactly is it? 6. Could someone else do this better? […]


1. What are my Key Values? What do I stand for? 2. What can I do Uncommonly Well, with Relative Ease, which others cannot? 3. Where can I Contribute and Make an Impact using my Strengths? 4. What do I want to be Remembered for? 5. What needs to be done to make a Huge […]


No Father – No Son No Persistence – No Success No Goals – No Direction No Priorities – No Concentration No Concentration – No Results No Trust – No Relationship No Customer – No Business No Meaning – No Fulfillment No Profit – No Survival No Reflection- No Knowledge No Knowledge- No Power No Compromises- […]


Power is the Ability to Consciously & Deliberately CREATE the World around you. If you Lack Power, you will be a SLAVE of your Environment. Your 6 Keys: 1. Responsibility 2. Desire 3. Self-Determination 4. Focus 5. Effort 6. Self-Discipline 1. RESPONSIBILITY – Total Responsibility is INESCAPABLE. – Blame renders you Powerless. – If you don’t […]


They are filled with so many Tender Spots, that you have to exert Enormous care not to inflict a Wound. They are always on the lookout for slights and Constantly taking Offense where none was intended. They Misconstrue the most innocent remark/s addressed to them into Sneers. Always imagining that they have many enemies, who […]


They All: 1. Possess high Self Knowledge- Know their Values, Strengths, Weaknesses, Desires & Fears. 2. Set & Continuously Strive towards Personally Meaningful Goals that EXCITE THEM. 3. Never stop Learning. 4. Express their Convictions, are not Politically Correct. 5. Nurture Close Relationships. 6. Ensure that Health is a Priority- Have fundamentals in order at […]


1. HONESTY– True to Own Intentions. Integrity in Thought, Emotion, Speech i.e Being ONE Man. 2. BRAVERY– An Attitude of Facing Life and Life’s Difficulties with a Cheerful Smile. 3. RIGHT– Always doing Right even if its Tough. This leads to Honor and Manly Self Respect. 4. INDEPENDENCE– Thinking out one’s own Thoughts and Finding […]

Why you are a Master at NOTHING

1. Fragmented Efforts 2. Attachment to Immediate Short-term Results, Not Long Term 3. Panicking & Giving up at the First Sign of Trouble 4. Not Expecting backlash and Resistance 5. Drowning in the Quick fix Mentality 6. Being Heavily Fixated on the Outcome, not the Process 7. Being Unable to take Pleasure in the Endless […]


Write down your: 1. Values – Which Men, do I admire? Look for a common pattern-what do they / did they stand for? 2. Strengths – What can I do uncommonly well with relative ease compared to others? 3. Attitudes toward women – What are my beliefs about women? Currently, how do I feel around […]


1. Discover your Strengths 2. Find out how you Perform 3. Know your Values 4. Find out where you Belong 5. Know what you should Contribute 6. Take Responsibility for your Relationships 1. What are my Strengths? Building Performance on Weakness is Impossible. Yet most people foolishly attempt to IMPROVE their Weaknesses. You can Perform […]

17 Questions for Intelligent Living

1. Am I Truthful with myself or am I denying many parts/areas of my life to myself? (Denial = Death. You will never grow if you’re in Denial). 2. What Self- Development do I need to make the Contributions I should be making? 3. Am I accepting FULL Responsibility for every fucking thing in my […]


1. Fuck your Ego- Become obsessed with the Idea of Adding Value. Here’s your Shortcut to ‘Happiness’. 2. Fuck ‘Sweet Sentiments’. That’s not Love. Love is Giving. It is Sacrifice. 3. Fuck ‘Grinding’. Grinding indicates Tiresome Drudgery. Drudgery ensues when there is no IDEAL. Make your Hard work an Adventure. Have some Ideal in Mind […]