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  1. What are my Key Values? What do I stand for?
  2. What can I do Uncommonly Well, with Relative Ease, which others cannot?
  3. Where can I Contribute and Make an Impact using my Strengths?
  4. What do I want to be Remembered for?
  5. What needs to be done to make a Huge Difference in my Life and the Lives of others ?
  6. What Self Development do I need to make the Contributions I should be making?
  7. What is Limiting my Ability to make contributions?
  8. What Major Events prevent me from Focusing on the Results I wish to Achieve? (Give those up).
  9. How am I spending my Time and Energy?
  10. Am I Taking overall Responsibility for my Life including my Relationships with Others?

Asking yourself The Right Questions lead to DIRECTION. Without Direction you're just Dangling in Mid Air- Suspended, and Uncertain. Dependent on Outside forces. Continuously Reacting- only vaguely Hoping for the best.

Good Luck.

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