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The 'Free' Man

  • Has an Affirmative, Adventuring approach to Life.
  • Playing to Win, not to Lose.
  • Chooses his own Values Proactively, not reactively.
  • Seeks Happiness in the Present.
  • Knows Life is Unfair & Humans are unequally Gifted.
  • Creates the World he wants, never Complains.
  • Always Focused on what he is Becoming.
  • Loves Challenges & Trial, for their inherent Powers of Self Revelation.
  • Never wastes his Emotions on the Past.
  • Always Restless to Discharge his Strengths & Talents.
  • Harnesses Self Control.
  • Does what he can, while he can.
  • Hates Excuses- Sees only Opportunities to become Stronger & Stronger.
  • 100% Worth Being this Man.

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