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Who are YOU?

Write down your:

  1. Values - Which Men, do I admire? Look for a common pattern-what do they / did they stand for?
  2. Strengths - What can I do uncommonly well with relative ease compared to others?
  3. Attitudes toward women - What are my beliefs about women? Currently, how do I feel around them?
  4. Passions - What activity causes me to lose a sense of time?
  5. Weaknesses - Which weaknesses interfere with my strengths?
  6. How do I want to be remembered when I die?
  7. What’s meaningful to me in order of priority? (God, character, money, health, family, sex etc.)
  8. Promise -What things will I NOT allow into my life?
  9. What will I kill for if required?
  10. What things are meaningless to me but yet seem to be quite meaningful to others?

Let the list reveal your deep authentic self to 'yourself'. Make sense of your own 'self' first then bother about trying to make sense of the fucking world.

You can't CONTRIBUTE shit to the world if you don't know yourself. And without contributing,you're just an IDLE spectator. Most end up becoming the latter because they don't know themselves.

Most of the confusion we see around us exists because men don't know themselves. Your fucking educational degree has no value if you don't know yourself. If you're living without these answers, your life's a time bomb.

It's going to blow up straight in your face. By answering these: -You will get perspective-know what's important to YOU and what's not.

  • You will know where to INVEST your time, develop a sense of self, know your place in the world, get a sense of direction to utilize your energy and begin creating instead of reacting.
  • You will be able to communicate, make decisions, act intentionally, commit & follow through-in short LIVE, not exist. There's nothing more precious than the acquisition of SELF KNOWLEDGE.

Without Self Knowledge-your educational degrees, health, energy will mean fuck all. Your existence will be hollow and meaningless.

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