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  1. HONESTY - True to Own Intentions. Integrity in Thought, Emotion, Speech i.e Being ONE Man.
  2. BRAVERY - An Attitude of Facing Life and Life's Difficulties with a Cheerful Smile.
  3. RIGHT - Always doing Right even if its Tough. This leads to Honor and Manly Self Respect.
  4. INDEPENDENCE - Thinking out one's own Thoughts and Finding one's own Direction and Mission in life. Then chasing it. Never seeking outside approval ever.
  5. WILLPOWER - Exerting Self-control & Self Restraint always using Will.
  6. KNOWLEDGE -Attempting to possess a Deep Understanding of Things- the way they Actually are.
  7. DUTY - Knowing and Never shirking from one's Duties.
  8. CONCENTRATION - Concentrating on the Task at Hand, KILLING Distractions.
  9. HEALTH - Energy, Immunity, Physique- Always trying to Optimize them.
  10. DETACHMENT - Inwardly Detached, yet outwardly Performing all Duties and Actions. Maintaining calm Equanimity no matter what.
  11. CONVICTIONS - Standing up for one's own Beliefs, and Acting them out.
  12. ORDER - Attempting to always maintain Order within and without.
  13. DECISIONS - Making Decisions & thus keeping Alive continuous Forward Momentum.
  14. RESPONSIBILITY - Always assuming Responsibility for one's own life. Never Blaming.
  15. WELL INFORMED - Having the Right facts in mind. Always willing to Learn and unlearn- never missing a chance.
  16. DIRECTIONS - Always having a Plan in mind, part of a Greater Purpose.

The Striving for these will ELEVATE your Existence to new Heights. This is GUARANTEED.

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