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  • Hold onto Past Grudges
  • Wallow in Self Pity
  • Give into your Basest Impulses
  • Stay Resentful & Bitter
  • Keep Comparing yourself to Others
  • Worry about Things out of your Control
  • Overconsume Processed, Junk Food
  • Get Zero Sunlight
  • Work on Somebody Else's Dream
  • Have no Convictions of your own
  • Never Express your True thoughts
  • Yearn to be Liked by Everyone
  • Gossip, Bitch & Complain
  • Take no Action
  • Overconsume the News
  • Have no Meaningful Goals
  • Try to Control Everyone else but yourself
  • Ignore, Act against your Conscience
  • Chase Success based on how Society defines it
  • Have Fake Relationships
  • Have no Higher Ideals to Aspire towards, to look up to
  • Distrust yourself always & trust others more.
  • This is how people make themselves Miserable.

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