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  1. Dwell upon your own Petty Troubles & Ailments. Take no Action.
  2. Make sure you're Mind harbors Dark, Hateful, Envious, Suspicious & Mean Thoughts- most of the time.
  3. Run away from your own Duty, Shirk it always.
  4. See the Worst in all Situations.
  5. Surround yourself with Pathetic people.
  6. Entertain a Strong Disbelief in the Power of Good.
  7. Deny the Existence of your own Will to remain a Slave of Habits that you know ruin you.
  8. Always Indulge in Slander & Back Biting.
  9. Whine, Whimper & Complain as a Rule.
  10. Have Zero Moral Principles. Do what’s Convenient always.
  11. Interfere with the Duties of others.
  12. Submit to all Selfish Indulgences. Obey Nothing but your own Degenerate Passions.
  13. Fill yourself with Morbid Self-Scrutinies.
  14. Remain Indolent so as to maintain low levels of Self-Respect.
  15. Live in an Unclean Environment & be satisfied with it.
  16. Be generally Lazy & Disordered in all things.
  17. Do things that Guarantee a wastage of your vital Energy. Numb your Soul.
  18. Dull your Intellect so that your Ability as a Human Being to Discriminate completely Vanishes.

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