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  1. Your Friends Reveal who you are.
  2. Your Actions Reveal your Decisions.
  3. Your Sacrifices Reveal the Intensity of your Desire/s.
  4. Your Tone and Body language Reveal the State of your Inner Mind and Heart.
  5. Your State of Health Reveals your Overall Self-Control.
  6. Adversity Reveals Bravery.
  7. How Money is spent Reveals Perspective & Values.
  8. A Woman’s Respect for her Father Reveals the Levels of Respect she will have for her Future Husband.
  9. A Child's value system Reveals his Parents' Training & Education.
  10. Jealousy Reveals Innermost Desires.
  11. What is not said Reveals Tact.
  12. The Intensity & Command over one's Feelings Reveal Character.
  13. Your Conduct during Participation in Sports Reveals your Character.
  14. Your Conduct when Drunk Reveals your Character.
  15. Your Conduct when Nobody is looking Reveals your Character.
  16. Your Levels of Obedience to your own Conscience Reveals your Manhood.
  17. What you have Become Reveals what you have most Focused upon.

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