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Many Men are Disappointed with their past.

What they’ve Achieved is an Apology for the Life they vaguely ‘EXPECTED’ to Live, and the things they half believed they would do.

Many go to their Graves without ever Discovering their ‘Potential’, Becoming the ‘Best Version of themselves’, ‘unlocking their Reserves’.

10 Causes AND Symptoms of Mediocrity :

  1. Skimming along the Surface
  2. Being mostly Content to plod along in the same old Rut
  3. Being discontent to plod along but taking no different action
  4. Isolating oneself from Strong, Forceful personalities who can Inspire one’s soul
  5. Not being in an Ambition arousing, Stimulating environment
  6. Wasting time envying Empire Achievers
  7. Simply ‘Wondering about’ your Mysterious Powers
  8. Not taking stock of your own Personal assets and liabilities
  9. Underrating yourself
  10. Not Loading yourself Progressively

Imagine if every Man woke up to the Energy latent within him, & did his best to use them- he wouldn’t know his old self after a few years.

Miracles of Civilizations come only through the awakening of LATENT POWERS within Individuals.

It’s Time to Wage War against Mediocrity.

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