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  1. Be willing to Stick your Neck out to get a thing done.
  2. Always keep your fucking word as far as possible- your word is all you've got.
  3. Don’t get bogged down by Disaster. Take it. It's a part of life.
  4. Carefully Study the Actions and Motives of people YOU deem 'successful'. Imitate them, but add your own flavor of Originality.
  5. Whichever Level you are at now, start preparing for the next. Never Stagnate.
  6. Choose your Mentors with Utter Care.
  7. Adapt to changing Times and Circumstances always. You'll be fucked if you cannot & do not.
  8. Set an Exemplary example.
  9. Introspect. Ask yourself Pertinent, Pointed, Hard questions. Face yourself.
  10. Moderation in Most things.
  11. Never ever let the money go to your head.
  12. Fools Rely on Fortune. Instead, Rely on your own Ability.
  13. Provide for Bad times during Good Times. Keep Training.
  14. Always push to see the Reality behind things. Probe Deeper.
  15. Be ever Wakeful & Vigilant. If you're not on top of situations, you will be crushed. THINK & Reflect.
  16. Judge what Actions to take (good or bad) by the Results desired alone.
  17. Seek Advice from people who have nothing to win or lose from the advice they give you.
  18. If you aren't generally, massively Persistent you're fucked.
  19. Conquer Fear through Action. This is the only way.
  20. Concentrate on getting the Right things done.
  21. Learn to be an Orator.
  22. If you do not accept change, you're fucked. Don't fight it. Change is the Rule.
  23. Be ready for the unexpected always. It always happens. Prepare for it.
  24. First Earn and Save. Then want and spend.
  25. Always live on Income. Never allow your capital to be Touched.
  26. You have to have the Spirit of Competition to Compete and Win.
  27. You can learn to be a leader. Learn it.
  28. Learn to be an Excellent Listener so you may learn continuously. Doing so, you will never become stale.
  29. Be a Statesman by being cool, rational and calculating.
  30. Plan your actions and style to suit the circumstances after evaluating your strength and weaknesses. Follow your Bent.
  31. Probe would be Illusions and strip them down to their Reality.
  32. Be a Realist but an Optimist- within that Frame Work.
  33. Keep in mind- you can always do what you thought you couldn’t do by Raising your sights and working at it. Vision is everything.
  34. Be a Leader but this position is Transitory- so continuous work to remain one will be required.
  35. Change the fucking circumstances under which you would not be willing to live for the rest of your life. Cowards just simply accept them.
  36. Don't stop developing yourself ever.
  37. Be an individualist. Adhere to your own Ideals and Beliefs. Don’t be a conformist. Fuck Society. Be original, imaginative, resourceful and a Self-creative artist.
  38. Never ever be satisfied with the Status Quo. Be restless. Find out better ways to do things. Visualize fresh approaches to problems, think and act on your own. Use your Imagination- Seize Opportunities, Assume responsibility, Rely on your own judgment.
  39. Live by your own Values. These must be Personally Meaningful. If you spend your life trying to be what others want you to be, you're fucked. Establish your own values based on what’s important to you.
  40. Money is fucking important. Anyone who disagrees with this is a fool. Make money in life but know how to use it.
  41. The character first, Happiness second, Money third.
  42. Don’t act when Irritated, Wait till the next day.
  43. Be Firm but Considerate.
  44. Stand-alone like a Lion. Fortify yourself.
  45. Avoid Fights if you can. You can start a fight, but ending it is not in your control.
  46. Ensure Good First Impressions. They always Last.
  47. Stay aloof from the people with whom you work.
  48. Do not be Hated, Feared or held in Contempt. Too much liberality leads to both.
  49. Be miserly rather than too generous.
  50. Always Choose the lesser evil to be good.
  51. Be confident but not overconfident.
  52. Have the Reputation of never letting someone who has Swindled you get away. Fuck them.
  53. Try and be a Fox in recognizing Snares and a Lion in driving off wolves.
  54. Adjust your Conduct to Principles, if you want to be truly happy.
  55. Maintain the Dignity of your position when dealing with others.
  56. Spend too much time 'having fun' & you'll be fucked- emotionally, financially, intellectually, spiritually.
  57. Say nothing of affairs you have no knowledge about.
  58. Make high demands on yourself. This is how you grow.
  59. Be Calculatedly Bold and Aggressive. Take Risks. These are the Men who succeed.
  60. Do not always take an extreme view of things.
  61. Face a problem now or it will never go away. Will keep coming back at you with greater force.
  62. Establish a Code with your Trusted ones.
  63. Never blackmail unless you have no other choice.
  64. Never lose your Temper but pretend to lose it if it will help.
  65. Never follow a line of virtue if it Ruins you.
  66. Take time to foresee evils while they are still far off.

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