Toxic Ways of Living & Beliefs that Destroy Men

February 28, 2019

1. “Unconditional Love between Man & Woman exists”
2. “Love is enough bro”
3. “Man up & Settle down!’
4. Drowning Inner emptiness with booze, video games & porn
5. Not addressing underlying causes of Inner pain & Angst
6. Not finding a Creative outlet
7. Falling in love with infatuation itself 
8. Wrongly Thinking- being content & comfortable is ‘self actualization’
9. ‘Resting’ ‘finally’ in a Relationship
10. Going with the flow, thinking things will just happen
11. Not learning from the past- Rationalizing it instead
12. Waiting to find ‘Purpose’
13. “Lifting is for meatheads bud”
14. “Dressing well is gay bro!”
15. “Be humble. Play small bro”
16. Blind Faith in Authority. Zero Independent, Critical Thinking
17. “Money is evil buddy”
18. Repress own Convictions. “What’s the point man? let it be”
19. Fitting in. Conforming
20. Being emotionally influenced by weak music
21. Reading the Exact genre of books again and again and again
22. Taking zero Risks
23. Having zero options as far as women are concerned
24. Settling (taking the ‘practical’ route)
25. “Carbs is the enemy. No, actually Fat is the enemy.” Creating enemies with Zero context and zero understanding.
26. Not using your head when it comes to vetting women
27. Being brainwashed by mainstream media
28. Falling for the lies of ‘nice’
29. “We’re all fucked man”
30. Supplementation is bullshit bro
31. Putting women on a Pedestal
32. Not being extremely Specific with what you want

Conduct a Rigorous Self Audit.

Make Required Changes.

Good Luck.