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1. Re-wire your own Mind- A simple, executable guide


My friend,

Are you aware that you think around 50,000 thoughts a day?

And almost 95% of them are repeated again and again and again? Day in and day out?

Yes, this is 100% true.

Now, these thoughts govern not only your actions (which of course get repeated unknowingly because of the repetition of thoughts),

But also how you experience the experience of being alive.

Read that again.

And let it sink in fully. 


Fact is— You can have a seemingly wonderful outer life, yet can feel like shit inwardly.

i.e You can be fully 'sorted' outwardly, yet fucked inwardly.

You can be vacationing in the Maldives, be driving fancy cars-- yet feel vacuous.

Your thoughts and your thoughts ALONE make or break your experience of life itself.

They ALONE shape the very Quality of your existence.

2. The Fatehshernu Community

3. Resurrecting the Modern Man

Resurrecting the Modern Man-- Awakening, Inspiring, Guiding

The state of the Modern Man is beyond fucked. 

He's more connected, but more lonely. More informed, but more miserable. 

More depraved. More powerless.

A pathetic victim of Self indulgence.

Persistently clouded judgement, he passes from one error to another, from one wrong action to another, from one pitfall to another. 

Greed, Misery,  Destructive habits, Failure, Ignorance, Sickness haunt him day in and day out. 

If you're just sick and tired of being sick and tired of an existence filled with restlessness, regret, dissatisfaction & resentment, this book is for you.  

If you're listless, feel you lack a self identity or don't possess a strong enough self Identity--this book is for you. 

If you're just looking for a kick in the arse-- this book is for you. 

If you're looking to move to the next level & you're just sick & tired of your fucked up comfort zone-- this book is for you.

This Book is your Cheat Code to thrive in this Modern world. 

No bullshit, no fluff.

Just Raw Power Packed in a book. 

Stuff which will cut deep, hit hard, & will arouse a needed Fire within to take on the world. 

Crucial , crystal clear, actionable advice to break those confused mental cobs you've formed over the years, 

Enough of long winded bullshit information, we want Action now. 

As I recently tweeted : "Only Raw, Hard hitting, Brutal shocks of Truth Statements shake & awaken sleeping Souls. This dazed, half awake Era needs this now more than ever before in History."

This is what this book will give you. 

4. Decide Right Every Time

You’re Stuck.

You Feel suffocated, conflicted.

In a dilemma.

Even your personality is changing.

And people are telling you this.

100% unsure of what to do.

At a major crossroads in life.

Confusion has sucked all your life energy.

Debilitated you.

You Keep Sighing....

- "I don’t know what I should do in this particular situation"

- "I don’t even know what I need to be considering"

- "I’m feeling really conflicted"

- "Everyday living with this confusion, I feel I’m being eaten up day in and day out"

- "What should I be thinking and considering even, I don’t know…"

- "I need advice, but don’t even know who to approach'

I’m here to help.

I’ve put together a resource that will help you find a way out of your draining existence.

You will get clear, potent, mental tools to help you help yourself.

5. The Art of Twitter: A Guide to Building Your Twitter Account

Growing a twitter following is a massively rewarding & enriching experience.

1. You get to talk about what lights YOU up— what you’re passionate about. What you’re curious, fascinated with.

2. You learn to better articulate your own inner vague ideas (and thus clarify them).

3. As a natural by product— you attract like minded people who ‘vibe’ with your internal world (and thus effortlessly enrich your ‘thought world’ so to speak).

With an engaged following, the possibilities that you’ll find yourself confronted with would be endless.

You may find yourself taking online impersonal interactions offline & forging real world bonds.

You will see a real world possibility of quitting your day job & using your engaged following to grow a full time business.

Unthinkable opportunities will come knocking at your doorstep.

But nothing happens by chance. It takes systematic, deliberate, intentional, painstaking, focused effort on getting the right things done to convert this possibility into reality.

LMM is one twitter account that stands out from the rest.

The speed with which he’s grown is unbelievably rare.

More than 130k followers in less than 18 months!

Who better to learn from?

In this crisp, masterful guide, he breaks down exactly what it takes to successfully build a following, and keep it growing.

I full endorse this book— It’s got potent ideas you’ll definitely Learn the ropes from a master in the field himself.

If you’re looking to build a following, you’d be a fool to deprive yourself of this book, and the practical, potent ideas it contains.

I fully endorse it. Get it here:

6. Building Character in This Age of Degeneracy​

The Aim is to Lead a Life of Excellence.

A Life Lived Excellently is Worthwhile (for others) & Fulfilling (for oneself).

But without a Solid Foundation, this Noble Aim is Unreachable.

That Solid Foundation is Character.

NOTHING can Replace Character.

Not Status. Not Influence. Not Power. Not Wealth. Not Cunning. Not IQ.

These are just Tools that can be used for Noble Achievement.

The Absence of Character guarantees the terrible use of these Tools- Leading to degenerate, miserably useless Existence.

In this Age of Instant Gratification, Glorification of celebrities, Utter reverence for wealth & all round rampant consumerism- without an Anchor, It’s Easy to slip into a life of completely wasted degeneracy.

Remember..A Fucked up Character = A Fucked up Destiny.

Character is the Soil in which Destiny Grows.

Show me an Enormous, WORTHWHILE Achievement. Impossible without Character.

Show me a Depressed, dissatisfied life despite material possessions- Possible without Character.

Character is the Grandest Thing in the World.

“But what exactly is it? ”

“How can I actively go about building it?”

“Why is it even so important?..”

Make a Study of this Small book.

Such Vital Questions it addresses Head on.

It bursts with Self Explanatory, Concise, Actionable Ideas.

Go make use of them. 

Change your Existence, Change your Life.

7. Unstoppability- A Powerful Affirmation Programme to Weaponise your Mind

Your inner emotional life determines your Inner Experience of the World & the outer Impact you make upon the world.

Your Thoughts lie at the Root of this Emotional Life.

Life is "conquered" by conquering your own mind.

You conquer your own mind by systematically training it.

You "train" it by brainwashing it.

You brainwash it by working on your SUBCONSCIOUS Mind.

Affirmations train your Subconscious Mind.

A weak, impotent fearful mind sees suffering in everything.

It looks upon life as turmoil.

A strong, disciplined, energetic mind looks upon Life as an Adventure.

It sees Opportunity, Excitement, and Adventure all around.

Weak Minds create tragic, wasted lives.

Strong, disciplined, focused Minds become unforgettable legends.

This powerful audio program will turn your mind into a weapon.