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They All:

  1. Possess high Self Knowledge- Know their Values, Strengths, Weaknesses, Desires & Fears.
  2. Set & Continuously Strive towards Personally Meaningful Goals that EXCITE THEM.
  3. Never stop Learning.
  4. Express their Convictions, are not Politically Correct.
  5. Nurture Close Relationships.
  6. Ensure that Health is a Priority- Have fundamentals in order at least-Sleep, Nutritious Food, Exercise.
  7. Aren't Overly Serious about Everything. Masters at maintaining Perspective.
  8. Choose what Comparisons they make Wisely.
  9. Live Intentionally & Purposefully.
  10. Vigilantly Stay Away from Toxic people.
  11. Are Aligned with their own Truth.
  12. Never Over-consume ‘Entertainment' in any form.
  13. Have High Levels of Self-Reliance, Self-Sufficiency, and Self-Confidence.
  14. Aren’t Afflicted with 'One-itis'. Multiple areas of their Lives Matter to them.
  15. Deliberately Practice Gratitude.
  16. Possess a Strong Internal Locus of Control.
  17. Possess Laser-Like Focus, are able to tune out the ‘Noise’ Easily.

Not a Man exists, that does not DESIRE Happiness. Yet Chasing it itself, is Unwise.

It is the Natural by-product of one's own Temperament & a Life being lived Wisely. Conduct a Rigorous Self-Audit. Make the Necessary Corrections.

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