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Productivity = Doing the Right things.

With a Sense of Deliberateness and Intention.

3 Ingredients :

  1. Way TIME is Managed.
  2. Amount of FOCUS Applied.
  3. The quantity of ENERGY Contributed.

Action Points

  1. Ask “When the day is over, what three things will I want to have accomplished?” Then write them down.
  2. Tackle High Impact Tasks when Energy Levels are Highest.
  3. End Procrastination.

You Procrastinate when the task is :

Boring, frustrating, difficult, unstructured, lacks personal meaning.

Attack all these

  1. Manage Technology – The Biggest fucking Productivity Disruptor.
  2. Build a Sense of Urgency in Work.
  3. Clear your Inbox, Desk, Room.
  4. Reduce Meaningless, low Impact Tasks- Eliminate, Delegate, Automate.
  5. Empty your Brain- Write, Journal.
  6. Stay Happy & Healthy- 8 hr sleep, Right Supplements, Water, Nutritious Food, Daily Exercise + Walk, Excellent Relationships.

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