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Use Supplements based on PERSONAL Needs & Goals alone.

And Experiment.

Keep & Consume what works. Discard what doesn’t.

What works for you, needn’t work for me. What has worked for me, needn’t work for you. Be Self Aware & Vigilant as to the Effects.

The few ones I have Recommended have worked well for me. I have Noticed a decided improvement in Overall Well Being & ‘Performance’.

My reviews for each supplement are based on Personal Experience alone- not what a website says you will experience or what the supplement brand ‘guarantees’ you will experience.

I am not a Doctor.

(Note : I have Added Links (NCBI) where Appropriate)

Tried & Tested Supplements

1. Creatine Rush – by Biox

A Miracle Supplement.

Power Output (Improved Lifting)

Improved Recovery

Focus, Memory, Brain Energy I.e Overall Cognition

It is Completely SAFE.

Seriously, only Fools won’t use it.

2. Brain Octane Oil – by Bulletproof

Have 1 teaspoon (or tablespoon) with Coffee.

Immediate Source of Stable, Mental Energy (Noticeable improvement in Clarity of Thought), not accompanied by a ‘Crash’ ( as one may Experience with Caffeine)

3. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) – by Health Vit

100mg Morning with Breakfast

Better Mood, Better Physical + Mental Energy, Clearer Thinking, Faster Physical Movements.

4. Sun Theanine – by Doctors Best

150mg, 45 mins before Sleep

A Gradual onset of a Relaxed, Calm Sense of Drowsiness (without a feeling of being Sedated). This Results in Deeper Sleep.

Excellent if you’re one to have a ‘racing mind’ before sleeping. It calms it down.

5. Magnesium Natural Calm – by Natural Vitality

1 teaspoon, 45 mins before Sleeping.

Deeper Sleep. Wake up next morning- Clearer, Sharper (next Morning). Great for clearing the Gut next morning too.

6. Liposomal Glutathione – by Bulletproof

Increase your Overall Well Being, Clarity of thought & Health.

Glutathione is the Body’s Master Antioxidant.

Also Excellent to PREVENT Hangovers (Have 3-4 tablets I.e 1000mg , 45 mins before first drink)

7. Liquid L Carnitine 3000, Natural Watermelon – by Met-Rx



Increased Power for Lifts

This Shit Works.

Great Tasting + Easy to Consume. Have Maximum 1 teaspoon (no water necessary, 1 hour before Training) to start with.

See how you feel- Adjust Dosage Accordingly next time.

8. Pine Pollen Tincture – Non-Irradiated,- by Lost Empire Herbs

Take an entire dropper, every morning on (or not) an empty stomach

Keep under tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow

A very clarified, non-tweaky, incisive, sharp feeling begins to envelop your very being as it were

This product is Gold.

Its sold as a “hormone balancer”. The personal effects after experimentation make me view it more as a Massive cognitive enhancer.

9. Jarrow Formulas N-A-C Sustain by Jarrow Formulas

This is by far the best brand of NAC that exists

Has a noticeable Cognitive effect besides the obvious amazing liver cleanse(‘detox’).

This is a must have in a Man’s daily arsenal.

Leads to overall Feelings of wellness, health and cognitive improvements

10. Masszymes (by Bioptimizers)

Masszymes (by Bioptimizers)

A Fucked gut = fried brain.

Poor gut health ensures cognitive destruction.

This is THE best supplement you can take for Digestion.

No point eating nutritious food when the food is poorly digested and poorly assimilated.

You’ll just have lethargy + crippling brain fog.

This product will Change your life.