Use Supplements based on PERSONAL Needs & Goals alone.
And Experiment.
Keep & Consume what works. Discard what doesn’t.
What works for you, needn’t work for me. What has worked for me, needn’t work for you. Be Self Aware & Vigilant as to the Effects.
The few ones I have Recommended have worked well for me. I have Noticed a decided improvement in Overall Well Being & ‘Performance’.
My reviews for each supplement are based on Personal Experience alone- not what a website says you will experience or what the supplement brand ‘guarantees’ you will experience.
I am not a Doctor.
(Note : I have Added Links (NCBI) where Appropriate)

Tried & Tested Supplements

1. Creatine Rush – by Biox 

A Miracle Supplement.

  Power Output (Improved Lifting)

 Improved Recovery

 Focus, Memory, Brain Energy I.e Overall Cognition

It is Completely SAFE.

Seriously, only Fools won’t use it.

2. Brain Octane Oil – by Bulletproof

Have 1 teaspoon (or tablespoon) with Coffee.

Immediate Source of Stable, Mental Energy (Noticeable improvement in Clarity of Thought), not accompanied by a ‘Crash’ ( as one may Experience with Caffeine)

3. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) – by Health Vit 

100mg Morning with Breakfast

Better Mood, Better Physical + Mental Energy, Clearer Thinking, Faster Physical Movements.

4.  Sun Theanine – by Doctors Best 

150mg, 45 mins before Sleep

A Gradual onset of a Relaxed, Calm Sense of Drowsiness (without a feeling of being Sedated). This Results in Deeper Sleep.

Excellent if you’re one to have a ‘racing mind’ before sleeping. It calms it down.

5. Magnesium Natural Calm – by Natural Vitality 

1 teaspoon, 45 mins before Sleeping.

Deeper Sleep. Wake up next morning- Clearer, Sharper (next Morning). Great for clearing the Gut next morning too.

6. Liposomal Glutathione – by Bulletproof

Increase your Overall Well Being, Clarity of thought & Health.

Glutathione is the Body’s Master Antioxidant.

Also Excellent to PREVENT Hangovers (Have 3-4 tablets I.e 1000mg , 45 mins before first drink)

7. Liquid L Carnitine 3000, Natural Watermelon – by Met-Rx



 Increased Power for Lifts

This Shit Works.

Great Tasting + Easy to Consume. Have Maximum 1 teaspoon (no water necessary, 1 hour before Training) to start with.

See how you feel- Adjust Dosage Accordingly next time.

We are facing a Spiritual and Masculine Crisis.

And I wish to be part of the Solution.

This is what Motivates me to Write.

This is why I created this Website.

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