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They are filled with so many Tender Spots, that you have to exert Enormous care not to inflict a Wound.

They are always on the lookout for slights and Constantly taking Offense where none was intended.

They Misconstrue the most innocent remark/s addressed to them into Sneers. Always imagining that they have many enemies, who are watching for opportunities to stab them in the back- they live in suspicion.

They have everything calculated to make themselves Happy, but their lives are embittered by Fancied Slights & Injuries. Their best friends & even family have to be continually on the watch for fear of wounding them.

They analyze and magnify every single remark making themselves miserable for days over fancied slights & exhaust the patience of their friends by asking them to explain what exactly they meant by so and so looks & gestures.

They hold themselves back from fulfilling the undertakings they decide to undertake. They become cowards due to this oversensitiveness & love & become used to playing the victim card.

They don't realize that other people are too busy & interested in themselves & other things to pay any more attention to them beyond what is absolutely necessary.

Their 'Sense of Honor' & 'Pride' is always stung by the unconscious thrusts of other innocent, well-intentioned people.

Personal happiness and success are impossible to such people who are crippled by such an oversensitive nature.

Keep your Distance or prepare to be EXHAUSTED.

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