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  1. Fuck your Ego- Become obsessed with the Idea of Adding Value. Here's your Shortcut to 'Happiness'.
  2. Fuck 'Sweet Sentiments'. That's not Love. Love is Giving. It is Sacrifice.
  3. Fuck 'Grinding'. Grinding indicates Tiresome Drudgery. Drudgery ensues when there is no IDEAL. Make your Hard work an Adventure. Have some Ideal in Mind when you Work.
  4. Fuck 'Popularity'. Garner Self Respect. Everything else will follow. If it doesn't- it won't matter.
  5. Stick to your Word and Agreements NO MATTER WHAT- this is how you Earn Trust.
  6. Remember- if you ever go broke- all you have left is CHARACTER.
  7. Here are your Real Riches- Family, Real Friends, Health and a Clean Conscience. Everything else is fucking gravy.

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