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Power is the Ability to Consciously & Deliberately

CREATE the World around you.

If you Lack Power, you will be a SLAVE of your Environment.

Your 6 Keys:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Desire
  3. Self-Determination
  4. Focus
  5. Effort
  6. Self-Discipline


  • Total Responsibility is INESCAPABLE.
  • Blame renders you Powerless.
  • If you don’t Proactively Solve your own Problems, they’ll never be Solved.
  • The World owes you NOTHING.


  • Most allow others to Decide what they SHOULD want.
  • They Deny their own Personal Desires, or worse- they aren't aware of their own Personal Desires.
  • They UNTHINKINGLY buy into the Socially Conditioned bullshit:
  • Work a Meaningless Job for Decades
  • Spend themselves into Debt -Stay Distracted with Fuck-all Entertainment
  • Have a Family -Retire Broke -Die Quietly. ZERO POWER.

True Desires summon True Power. Never Ever Deny your PERSONAL Desires.


  • Freedom to Decide what you want.
  • Willingness to make decisions under ALL Circumstances.
  • Embracing Uncertainty & Risk as Inevitable.
  • Exercising one's own Power to Decide consciously
  • Involves making Real Choices, not succumbing to Silent Approval.
  • You’re an Independent Being- Fuck Society’s Rules. No Conscious Decisions= ZERO POWER


  • You can’t ‘Spend time’.
  • Time passes on its own.

How you Direct your Focus in the Present Moment alone Matters.


  • When Effort is backed by Compelling Desire, there is almost 'Effortless Effort'.
  • Forward Movement, Motion is the goal here.
  • Set Goals that Inspire you.


  • The Inner Impulse to keep pressing on towards one’s goals whether or not one ‘feels’ like.
  • The Greater the Strength of your Discipline, the Lighter the Burden of the Challenges you face.

Master these 6- Live a Fulfilled Life.

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