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Life Reflections

  1. It is your Inner Attitude towards Life that Chiefly determines the Quality of your Existence.
  2. Thought isolates a Man from the Imitators.
  3. Life goes on. Good times pass. Bad times pass. Therefore you must learn to be Equanimous.
  4. The only thing which is actually ‘yours’ is your Mind and Body. This will hopefully Remain with you till your last Breath. Make sure to Build them, maintain them. Don’t waste them or Destroy them.
  5. Nobody analyses you the way you Analyze yourself.
  6. That which gave you an immense ‘Sense of Meaning’ yesterday, may have no Meaning today. Always Remember this. Nothing is Permanent.
  7. An absence of Expectations is Exceeding Happiness. (This does not mean you don’t have Standards).
  8. Think Carefully about how you think.
  9. Find out about a man’s Childhood and you will know a lot about why he acts the way he acts.
  10. Most Notice what you Appear to be, not what you actually are. Being Genuinely understood is a Real Gift. Deep Men are mostly Misunderstood.
  11. The Purpose of Life is to Evolve. But without Challenge, there is no Evolution.
  12. Life is unpredictable. Act Today, but change your Plans based on changing Circumstances.
  13. Life is work in progress. When you reach there, there isn’t any ‘there’ there.
  14. The True Nature of an individual is revealed by his Default Emotional Disposition.
  15. When it comes to seeking Success in anything- Ferocious Tenacity & Dogged Persistence are the Most Important Ingredients.

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