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The Virile Mindset

START with these 14- Get down to it.

  1. “Who am I?
  2. “What’s my Identity?”
  3. “What do I Stand for?”
  4. “What are my Driving Beliefs?”
  5. “What am I Willing to lay down my Life for?”
  6. “What are my Main Responsibilities?”
  7. “What are my Main Strengths?
  8. “What Standards I have set for myself, in each area of my life?”
  9. “What am I not willing to Compromise on?”
  10. ”What Goals have I set for myself?”
  11. “What Contribution do I want to make to this world?”
  12. “How do I want to be remembered?”
  13. "Which are my key Driving Virtues?”
  14. “What Ideals do I have?”

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