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  1. Listen to your Gut always
  2. Learn to Vet Women Obsessively
  3. Study Widely. Write. Self Reflect. Develop Discernment
  4. Lift
  5. Take Risks
  6. Be Paranoid about Letting people into your Close Circle
  7. Develop Discipline in Everything, Live by a Routine
  8. No Drugs
  9. Maintain a Sense of Honor in Every of your Relationships
  10. Value Truth, Freedom, Authenticity, Self Respect, Self Reliance
  11. Be Paranoid about the Company you keep
  12. Have Clear Cut Ideals that serve as a Guide during Crisis & Confusion
  13. Discover your Bent
  14. Build up your Health
  15. Learn to Think Clearly, Make Decisions & Stick to them

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