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  1. Personal Qualities
  2. Personal Habits
  3. Thinking
  4. Business Style
  5. Management Style
  6. Overall

1. Personal Qualities:

  • Self Doubt
  • Hesitancy & Indecisiveness
  • Laziness
  • Pessimism
  • Droopiness
  • Unimaginative

2. Personal Habits:

  • Always Find ways to Dissipate your Energy.
  • Always Allow people to impinge on your time. Be nice, never say No.
  • Always leave things Unfinished.
  • Scatter your Forces
  • Never Concentrate your Energies.
  • Try to do many things at once so as to end up doing damn all.

3. Thinking

  • Only Think, never do. Be a Visionary
  • Be 'Bubbling with ideas' alone- and a Master at Non-Execution.
  • Don't go into Business. Play Safe.
  • If you go into Business, choose a Business that DOES NOT Suit your Temperament & Inclinations
  • Tolerate Unclearly, Hazy, Foggy thinking.
  • Think Short-Term always.
  • Think about Spending before you make money.
  • Hit the panic button at the drop of a hat.

4. Business Style:

  • Create a product that gives you a "sense of Pride". Completely ignore Market Demand.
  • Give in to the Temptation to Over-Expand without Justification.
  • Overlook Legitimate opportunities to Expand.
  • Either take Zero Risks or take unjustified Risks.
  • Lose Sight of your Core Business/Niche.
  • Let your Expenses run out of control.

5. Management Style:

  • Attempt to do everything yourself. Never Outsource.
  • Never Supervise. Assume all the work entrusted will get done.
  • Appreciate no one. Be insincere with your own people.
  • Be Arrogant with Customers.

6. Overall:

  • Fear the Future and Fear Failure.
  • Be Naive. Take things at Face Value as a Rule.
  • Deal with Intelligent Untrustworthy people who can Fool you.
  • Break your word, Scar your own Reputation.
  • Surround yourself with Poor people, never change your Environment.
  • Be afraid to Network.

Literally, Hide. Expect customers to come to you from the Sky, & Money to flow to you by sitting & praying in a corner. Hate Action.

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