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AI @TradrAI

All we need are strokes. Positive, Negative and Mixed to reboot, reset and revive the brain. Thats what you give.

Johnathan @JohnathanRaiss

Truths guided by tradition and sanity, which cut through the nonsense of vacuous trends and styles mindlessly adopted by the masses.

Dhruba B @dhrubacodes

Because you read my mind and always tell me what I need to hear.

Lost 20lbs, Gained 2 Inches ? @TheMostCasual_

Rhetoric and Verbal Content. Well written content…….

Reinforcing my mental with reminders of things I tend to forget unless I open my Books. Notebook.

Chose to follow accounts that offer intellectual insight.

But this is just my perspective.

El SoGi @a_soghayar

You hit the nail on point.

UNKU CHUKKS ?? @twita_dict

Following because you are awakened by my own definition…

Unlearnist @UUnlearning

You say truths that are toxicity demagnetizers.

Paulo A. Silveira Jr. @asjr_p

Speaks uncomfortable truths

Atari Gonshor @AtariGonshor

You say something worth ruminating on now and then.

Thelonewolf @thelonewolf011

Because you say things people don’t have the balls to say in the face of people. Or even they don’t have knowledge experience.

Aaron Brabham @AaronBrabham

Unorthodox guidance

Vishva @vishvanath23

You tweet meaningful lessons from life.

David G @twopassatman

Unbridled non-bullshit.

ꌃꈤꌩ @BunnyCalli

I wish I had the kind of guidance you provide, when I was growing up

ꌃꈤꌩ @BunnyCalli

I wish you were my dad

Hydranix @HydraPhoenix


I feel the impact in my life after I apply a bit of what you reveal.

And you provide free, valuable, straight information in small sizes.

Omkar Murtale @murtaleomkar

You’re one of the reason for many good IQ scores.
Keep helping us to grow.

Pablo Odriozola @odriozolapablo

You represent! ?

SovereignHominin ⚡️ @jasonus_habilis

Thanks for keepin it real bro!

She’sHere @she_shere

Love this. Hope you truly know what you do for others. Thank you.

review (25-1-19)

? @agate_xx

@fatehshernu thank you for helping me gain clarity on one of the important aspects of my life. i have etched your advice on my heart and will definitely take action on it. greatly appreciated . thank you.

Me @OneMeInMyself

Dude you spittin’ out truths like it’s nothing

Rational Saint @SaintRational

Morning I wake up and remember what Fateh Singh says. It boosts me internally. Your words are precious.

Nima @PersianGainz

Every tweet is fucking ?

You are mad if your not following my guy Fateh

Fateh Shernu(waheguruji ka khalsa)

review (28-12-18)

Only after reading these tweets

I’ve done it still too early

Keep up the solid life advice

It was all about changing my mindset

I came across your work

Millennial Stoic @millstoic

Follow Recommendation Of The Day:

If you aren’t already, do so at your earliest convenience.
Fateh is a Genius.

Luckispartofthegame @LuckIsPart

damn this is the first account i love.

Zwelethu Mkhonto. @ZwelethuMkhonto

His tweets have been incremental in my growth.
I don’t even recognize myself from a few months ago??

David Randall @DBTRandall

@BrandonWest_ @RushHourHandles I’d recommend following this fellow. Great content.

Alex Garner @leadpacer

You have the best tweets. Its obvious you had a hardass father!

Tinkered Thinking ‏(@TinkeredThinker)

I adore how brutal you are in your phrasing

Deplorable Terri ‏(@terri_suggs)

I just took a screenshot of that to print and keep on my bedside table. Thank you.

ShaheenM ?‏ (@ElcoAlFares)

finding your twitter is proving to be one of the best things I’ve ever done

Mwanaisha Suleiman ‏(@Mwanaisha_MS)

Can’t stop laughing ???. I love this guy’s tweets…. So upfront…

RUBIROSA mfin JUNIOR PhD ‏(@rubirosajunior)

I’m thankful for many on here, but of particular note is This guy was the FIRST big account to encourage my growth and I’m eternally grateful He has an eye for talent 😉 thanks Fateh

ACAP @acap00000

@fatehshernu clearly I’m not the only one to suggest so but would love to see an audio YouTube / podcast / anchor by you.

H A R S H I L @HarshilBlog

Better Explanation. By The Way Sir @fatehshernu. You’re Doing Great Work For Society By, Providing Meaningful Insights On OurSelves For Teenagers Like Me. I’m Grateful For Having People Like You In This Universe.

Ryan Grey @TheeRyanGrey

I consider myself highly self aware, I pride myself on knowing myself before others do, but you seem to hit on weaknesses I can’t place. You’ve helped my improvement. You seem like the kind of man words like this would mean something to so thank you

anupp sharma @AnupEnchant

Superbly said. Cuts through the mind and hits my heart. I think I need to introspect on these lines.

コインスマト? (@koinsmart)

Perhaps have a chat with @fatehshernu. He will sort you out ✌️

Rohan Patne (@RohanPatne12)

@fatehshernu is that rare twitter account that can, with only one tweet get me back to work on the things that matter the most.

Follow right now if you aren’t already.

コインスマト? (@koinsmart)

I’m not kidding, he’s really good. He’s got a rare soul of a wise man/mystic/guru. But only reach out if you are ready to hear the Truth about yourself (or reality).

John Zapala (@jezapala)

@fatehshernu gives some of the best advice on twitter on a daily basis. https://t.co/r2lf0xQLhH

Creation – Call sign: Rick (@Yahuwah7)

Logged in & this the first tweet I saw. Instant gratitude with this message. Following you is one the best decisions I have made in years. Thank you my friend. https://t.co/wjxp1Jc4mN

Creation – Call sign: Rick (@Yahuwah7)

Your messages have helped me stay on course brother. #grateful

Uncle Sickness (@SicknessKungFu)

To share without hesitation, without holding anything back: I learned the value of this from @fatehshernu.

To seek knowledge without embarrassment, to endlessly strive toward goal without doubt: I re-learned the value of this from @MaekoDaekal.

Morales.88 ???? (@ibnmorales)

This guy always gives you the raw

Forge of Man (@forgeofman)

If your consultations are anything like your tweets, I am confident you are changing lives for the better.

For those on the fence about reaching out to Fateh, do it. You will be glad you did.

Kartik chhabra (@KCcanTweetAbse)

Thank you @fatehshernu for such life changing tweets that hell people to actually look deep into themselves. You are a real gem sir ?❤️

Dax???? (@DaxThoughts)

I can’t imagine reading @fatehshernu‘s Tweets and gleaning disenguinity from them;

He’s a rare breed of man who oozes earnesty and honesty from behind the veil of anonymity.

Bill Masur (@futureinmindd)

I find the level of truth in @fatehshernu tweets to be astounding. My personal interactions with him have only made me think more highly of him.

Motivational Pill (@MotivPill)

If you haven’t already drop @fatehshernu a follow

The man gives pure value.

Déju (@DayJooo)

Every time you keep hitting with the truth… https://t.co/4dViEhf7C2

Natasha (@MaxiEmpire)

You are my favorite follow on Twitter. No BS, well thought out words. This woman needs your help. ❤️

Charles Franklin (@charles2reality)

Damn, this is badass advice in a Tweet

Are you guys getting this wisdom? https://t.co/xBIRLM06Co

GNF (@GNFjourney)

Never experienced 1)

Been at 3) for a few years.

Right at the beginning of 2)

Plan is to get to 4)

I honestly love your tweets, keep it up.

Pranav (@Pranav_Sharma84)

This guy explains self poisoning pretty good ??? https://t.co/OwIRqFPA1N

AJShahMD (@AJShahMD)

@fatehshernu one of these days I ma grab a notebook start writing all your tweets for my self. Write it so it’s tattooed into my subconsciousness. And gift the notebook to my son in future. He is 2 yrs old now.
All of the following accounts: @fatehshernu @TellYourSonThis

Steven M Peterson (@RevJedi23)

Right in the heart. Keep it coming.

JanarthanGnanachandran (@iamjanardan)

This is why Twitter is the best @fatehshernu ? https://t.co/MajpMify7F

Let’s Think (@LetsThink9)

Thank you so much. You and Mr.Buffett have, and continue to drive me to improve myself everyday. Something I also adhere to stringently: the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.

[ M E L I S S A . ∞ ] (@dblmsey)

Where do you get your wisdom from?

Every tweet from you pierces with so much truth AND facts – A rarity to have both together for they are usually conflated.

Much respect https://t.co/0RSuV0wvcg

TomD (@sgtbilko77)

I’m more aware of who I am and where i’m headed now than I ever have been. This post is not me,however it most definitely is someone I used to know,or I should say,thought I knew.
Keep posting Fateh,yourself and others on Twitter are having a positive affect on our lives!

Arnie (@TheSigmaMind)

@fatehshernu has been pounding out the tweets that hit *right to the core* of what it means to be a man of quality and integrity. Making me think about myself and where I may be lacking.

Love it.

bb$qua$hh (@bbysquashh)

@fatehshernu thank you. Also keep being the amazing man that you are. It’s great seeing people flourish.

Brian Brintnell (@sovereignty_prj)

Why has it taken me so long to follow you on twitter?

BakkenTrader (@BakkenTrader)

@fatehshernu One of the best follows on this platform, Thank You for sharing your wisdom and most importantly your time.

Bill Masur (@futureinmindd)

Congrats! You are one of my favorite follows ?

John ?? (@TheRedPrince99)

You give advice/guidance many young men need.

We all need tough love, to shake us out from that comfort that disables our true potential and ability.

For those who are in a dark place, your tweets are the light seeping in that dark tunnel many young boys are in.

Thank you.

Benjamin (@benjah221)

You are well respected and you earn it. You will get even bigger.
Very thankful for your service!

Keto-Kid (@YoDeleteme)

@fatehshernu so excited to go on a deep dive of your work. Everything I’ve read so far is filling my teacup. Bless you!

sonny soomal (@ssoomal)

no problem. I think your message/brand should be huge, and smashing it all over the web on all the platforms. Need more rational no BS truth out there.

abhih (@abhih10)

Piling on the appreciation wagon. Keep it firing on all cylinders man. Degh Tegh Fateh!

General Alladeen (@bluesocks100)

fateh singh …. man just wanna say to you.. your tweets are awesome and your tweets are making a difference to me at least.

Emil (@Emildmil)

These posts boost hormones. Great content

Luca Bustamante (@Luca_Bustamante)

Absolutely love the mystic aura you Give to the teachings

maximillian (@_max_mill)

do you ever grow tired of posting pure twitter gold? i hope not.

Mike Rucker (@MikeRucker_9201)

in the last 18 months, i’ve completely changed my life thanks to:@jockowillink @EricDavis215 @EdLatimore @TheFamilyAlpha @GoldmundUnleash @fatehshernu

and others.

it didn’t happen overnight, and i’m nowhere close to where i want to be. but i make progress everyday.

TomD (@sgtbilko77)

I’m thinking of changing my Twitter handle to @ FatehSinghWokeMeUp https://t.co/wFNL6yKFsy

listenson (@reizicek)

The best account to follow on social media.

Ryan Grey (@TheeRyanGrey)

It’s happening!!!! Fateh you deserve it man, I can’t wait for my people to read your writings and see there’s nothing wrong with them, they just needed some masculine guidance

Konrad Stonebanks (@KipItRealConrad)

This man should be immortalized for his tweets. Each one makes tremendous sense and carries heavy meaning.

Black Substance (@BlackDadWisdom)

Everyone #WakeUp and follow @fatehshernu for Inner Peace. Visit the site below NOW!!
https://t.co/IluhoaHfzt pic.twitter.com/POgM077wlv

Anirudh Kulkarni (@anirudhkulkarni)

absolutely love your tweets! just curious where does ur life understanding comes from? new/old/ancient books?

Hunter Drew (@TheFamilyAlpha)

I don’t think Fateh has ever written a tweet I didn’t appreciate.

Literally the only account I can say that about.

The man puts me to shame, which is just fine because it makes me better. https://t.co/9QFaTmaGBP

Nathanel Serebrenik (@SerebrenikN)

Fateh cuts through the “politeness and socially correct veil” and gets back to the core

Mshary (@MsharyTranscend)

@fatehshernu I very quickly feel in love with your tweets. Beautiful articulate speech.

Kamran Abid (@kamabid)

You turn out a lot of very high quality material. Keep it up!

Rubirosa Jr. ???? (@RubirosaJr)

Hardly Anyone is doing Real Journalism like this.

SmaⓋg (@crypto_smaug)

I may not remember every Tweet, but slowly it changes the undercurrent of my thinking. Much appreciated.

Tony Montana (@ELARRECHO)

Finally I find an account That really gives a fuck about what people reel, thank you !!!!

CTSays (@CTSays_)

@fatehshernu speaking to my soul lately ?‍♂️

Alex Guillien (@CoachGuillien)

This thread like @AJA_Cortes newsletter becomes a practice in writing, organizing thoughts, and coaching.

Appreciate the time put into these streams of consciousness

crypto_kid (@adil_w3nomad)

low effort reply but seconded!!!

ok more effort; gratitude is an infinite resource that has lowcost to distribute and can return positive dividends; I’d like to offer you my sincerest gratitude for your content ?

— (@kristianbuhl_)

The golden gem for 2018

Emelie ? (@TheBlackSeneca)

Flawless wisdom.
My sons will learn this first

Forge of Man (@forgeofman)

@fatehshernu stating it EXACTLY like it is.

Realize these facts ASAP and you’ll save yourself a lot of pain and you’ll save yourself from a lot of disappointment. https://t.co/eiR9fUEJbr

Ricky Saini (@eruditenights)

Guru Gobind Singh would be proud of your account. As all the rest of those that sat on the Throne of Nanak

Dax???? (@DaxThoughts)

This is beautiful advice.

So many external things affect/create cognitions.

Tristian Bangert (@F_Stuffington)

Writing has been on point lately. Bravo.

Anantha Raju C (@anantharajuc)

Perhaps this the best compliment you could get for your tweets.

Yusuff Inaolaji (@YInaolaji)

You should write a book

Adrián Olivas (@adrianolivas__)

Every time I read a @fatehshernu tweet it is like it speaks directly to my soul.

This is a guy I would love to meet and talk to in person.

Alex Guillien (@CoachGuillien)

Add @fatehshernu to someone to guide you on perspective

Laris Orman ???? (@LarisOrman)

Grateful for people like you.

Sheel Bhattacharjee (@Shilavadra)

Another fantastic thread from @fatehshernu https://t.co/0ojwBQHvp6

sonny soomal (@ssoomal)

Spot on. Then the flip side of the same coin is the mentally checked out, low tempo, apathetic, head nodder.

AARenais (@BobbyYu6)

Fateh sing dropping gems !

SmaⓋg (@crypto_smaug)

To my few followers, if you don’t follow @Kpaxs @fatehshernu and @naval you are missing out on some of the best wisdom on Twitter that I have come across. I think my brain will soon no longer be able to fit in my skull.

paul b (@BBerejp)

@fatehshernu Fateh, your tweets are like breath of fresh air in downtown Beijing. Bravo!! Tell me, I have 5yo son, what time tested books I should read about bringing him up like a MAN ? We live in Russia

TheSilverSerpent (@ThSilverSerpent)

Years from now scholars will debate whether Confucius lived thousands of years ago or had a twitter handle called @fatehshernu

Samuel (@SamuelSThorp)

The last week or two @fatehshernu has refined his game and is churning out wisdom in spades.

Would recommend following.

Chirag Neb ??? ⚡ (@chiragneb)

@fatehshernu you’re one of my best recent follows on Twitter ✌️?

Oladimeji @dimexyz96

So deep fateh, so deeep

sonny soomal @ssoomal

Your insights are literally the unlock code of self actualisation. Killer.

Maciej Miętek @macmietek

Don’t retweet



Nusrat @nusmah98

It’s so hard not to retweet every single one of @fatehshernu’s tweets!


@fatehshernu bro please, write a book or two.
Instead of me physically writing your tweets in notebook titled
“ telling my son this”,

it would be great honor to read book by you.

Same goes for you @TellYourSonThis

? @agate_xx

your writing style and diction are out of this world. insanely great!! i appreciate your account!! <3 <3

? Rob Schannep ? @robschannep

Wow, pretty much my first 30 years of life summed up. Cuts to the quick to see someone else write it. Thankfully the past two years have been a turn around.


You have the most timely and profound ability to get to the underlying cause of things that plague us all everyday and simplify the solution in a way we can all understand. Thank you for being you! Thank you for the insights and Thank you for literally making us better people! ?

Daniel Pellegrino (@daniel_pellegr)

Just had a wonderful conversation with @fatehshernu. If you have the urge to seek guidance I highly recommend a brief talk with this man

Sanjeev Ranjan (@iSanjeevRanjan)

@fatehshernu Had multiple sessions with him. Explored many issues of my life and it turned out to be a life changing discussion. If something is bothering you and wants to discuss, he is the right person.

Sanjeev Ranjan (@iSanjeevRanjan)

Had an amazing and helpful conversation with @fatehshernu today evening. Loved the way we discussed and the way he explained everything. To the point, clear and with a deep insight. Thank you. Looking forward for such more conversations.

Charles Francis (@coolestcharlie)

Had an amazing conversation the other day with @fatehshernu Mind opening and reflective.

Humble Knight (@humbknight)

Had an intense chat today with @fatehshernu about Cyniscm and Stoicism.

He is the man to go to when you need to sharpen your axe.

Great going my friend.

Saahil P (@spooj82)

Had an amazingly insightful and helpful conversation with @fatehshernu. This guy’s knowledge, clarity of thought, purpose and direction are unmatched !! Thanks for sharing some of your wisdom !

Yash Potlapalli (@yashwanthp)

Can not recommend enough on direct consultation with @fatehshernu. This is equivalent to talking with multiple advisors ranging from strengths/ weaknesses to motivations to goals to spiritual pathways in one session.

Saahil (@spooj82)

Had a great follow up conversation with @fatehshernu !! Even more effective and in-depth this time. As expected exceptional clarity of thought and direction from this man. Truly inspiring stuff !!

truthfool@dasilva (@truthfooldasil1)

One discussion can truly change the trajectory of your life! Appreciate the support and advice! @fatehshernu

Karthik Reddy (@karthikpreddy)

Thank you @fatehshernu for your time. It helped me to rediscover my strengths, which will further helps me to raise my value.

Beegsi (@limitlessGokuUI)

Just spoke to @fatehshernu who has a great prospective on some situations he counsel me on. I’m glad he was straight forward with me now we’re working on an action plan to help me achieve my goals. I recommend you follow him.

The king (@Theking62965271)

Shout out to @fatehshernu. Just had a very in depth conversation with him. Gave me actionable steps on what I needed to do and guided me through each individual step. Came out feeling more enlightened. Highly Recommend.

Naveen Rathi (@rathinav)

Had an insightful and helpful conversation with @fatehshernu .. loved the way he was able to get the point even from my vague thoughts !! looking forward to more such conversations !! Thanks Fateh !

goldencat (@goldencatpat)

1hr call with @fatehshernu today. In 20mins he was able to articulate a deep fundamental issue that had been affecting my entire life since boyhood. If you feel there is something ‘holding you back’ or itching at your soul, but don’t know why – you will be wise to speak with him

goldencat (@goldencatpat)

My discussion with him was more insightful than with therapist. Gave me details of exact book I needed to read, at this point in life. Zero bullshit and a fuckton of humility.

Harshil Sarvakar (@ToNewHorizon)

Great Talk Today With @fatehshernu In His Free Session.
Few great Books Recommendations, Some Practical Advice. He Surely Knows His Stuff. Thanks?.

Zeus (@ConquerorZeus)

Just had a really illuminating discussion on google hangouts with @fatehshernu. He gave brilliant insights into things I was having trouble with. I recommend everyone follow this man, he is filled with wisdom.

Wahid (@Wahid_Amjad)

Just had a great consultation with @fatehshernu
Clear, concise, to the point. Get in touch with him to gain some clarity and get some insights on mapping out your journey! Can’t recommend it enough.

mariam @mariamm_s

Thanks knock more sense into the world, big fan of your tweets


Hello Mr. Singh, I have been able to do most of what you told me to do. I am seeing a therapist regularly, I bought the books and have been reading all three, I’m taking the supplements you recommended, and I have been writing the Life Document. I have had two pretty bad spells, but overall I am starting to see some improvement and I am feeling much more hopeful. I will write in three weeks as you said. Thank you again for your advice and help.

Obinna Ogadah (@OgadahObinna)

I am really in love with your thought process and the knowledge you bring on this street. Thanks for expanding my horizon, a huge huge fan of your account ???

StanleyFosha (@stanleyfosha)

I can't stop staring at this quote

Bodhidharma (@Bodhidharma___)

A Truth immaculately put.?

Marc Williams (@marcwilliams25)

Sir, I have never read anything that so concisely and thoroughly sums up the current climate of bullshit. Bravo!

Wyls?n (@dwylson)

@fatehshernu has inspired me for time, I read his tweets and often journal them in my own words to force some of the things through my head.https://t.co/PgVm1nDETI is his site, with greats tweets on there; my favourite is his on masculinity, and not TOXIC masculinity either.??

Felicia DiPasquale (@FeliciaDiPasqu1)

Thank you, sir. This is a hard truth for most of us.

Jim Delprete (@veryape93)

Have to burn this one into my being

Woke Indian Man (@WokeIndianMan)

That cut so deep I have no words.

Back to work.

aravind (@aravind1on1)

You’re every tweet is worth a 100 RT’s.. I always bookmark most of your tweets, you’re doing a great service to all men out there..?

v1rotate (@lukeskylarker)

Your tweets are real wisdom.

Sangam Biradar (@sangam_biradar)

Your words are just awesome .. thanks

Pavlos Peridis (@PeridisPavlos)

This lists echo deep into my mind in a level I can not describe.

I find release from the pressure I feel being like this myself.

ShaheenM? (@ElcoAlFares)

Dude! I am LOVING your content!

Forge of Man (@forgeofman)

If you haven’t listened to any of the @men_ofcharacter chats, you’re missing out. Everyone has been phenomenal. I’ve only listened to a few minutes of @fatehshernu so far and I am blown away.

Amazing stuff.

A Messenger’s Mind (@AMessengersMind)

@fatehshernu I fucking love your content & style, keep it up!

Rick (@Yahuwah7)

Logged in & this the first tweet I saw. Instant gratitude with this message. Following you is one the best decisions I have made in years. Thank you my friend. https://t.co/wjxp1Jc4mN

Rick (@Yahuwah7)

Your messages have helped me stay on course brother. #grateful

AJShahMD (@AJShahMD)

Dude, how u do this? You need to write books, books & more books. Any waiting list for your book ? Thank you ??

Uncle Sickness (@SicknessKungFu)

Everybody remembered to follow @fatehshernu, right? Get on board! He spends the day giving out jewels. https://t.co/MLZumJ2y6o

Risenga Baloyi (@RisengaBaloyi)

Your consistency in dropping gems is inspiring. Concise & full of substance. A high quality follow.

Dylan Madden ? (@realdylanmadden)

Its been great to watch you grow. You’re one of my favorite accounts for practical/spiritual content.

Nathaniel Sharpe (@NatSharpe_)

Just started following. Great insights

AARenais (@BobbyYu6)

Nice I like that. Pls lay out your thoughts on building businesses too 😉 great tweets!

Charles Franklin (@charles2reality)

Dropping A LOT of knowledge

dkmemon (@danialkmemon)

Birilliantly put up bro ??

sonny soomal (@ssoomal)

This an absolute banger. Crystallised some experiences with people for me.

RJ (@TheGoodFoodGuru)

This is GOLD! So freaking true! Some home truths coming through too.

ROBBIΞ (@BlueAquilae)

One of the best tweet ever !

The One (@Roack2)

Sir, keep writing this type of stuff ????

Maciej Miętek (@macmietek)

I love your tweets

Anastasia Mercedes (@iamhiphopmami)

Love Your Motivation. I Look Forward To It Daily

ed win (@e_dwin1)

You reveal realities.

Caleb (@Artocretes)

You have my respect.