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Of ALL Activities, Ask :

  1. What Results do I expect from this Activity?
  2. Is this the Right thing to do?
  3. Does this Activity Contribute to my Objectives?
  4. Is this an Opportunity or Problem Area?
  5. If this Activity is Contributing, how exactly is it?
  6. Could someone else do this better?
  7. Is this one of the 10% of Activities that account for 90% of the Results?
  8. Does this need to be done at all?
  9. Am I doing this too frequently?
  10. What would Happen if this were not done at all?
  11. If I did not already do this, would I go into it now?
  12. Does doing this Activity, have to do with the 'no Longer productive past'?
  13. Does it have to do with Bailing out the Past?
  14. Is it one that SHOULD do well, but doesn't?
  15. Is it in an area of non-opportunity?
  16. What are the RIGHT THINGS to do?

Get these done, set Time aside no matter what crisis pressures.

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