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Thriving & Performing

  1. Daily- Writing down Tasks to be Achieved
  2. Visualizing Achievement of Goals Daily
  3. Tackling most unpleasant Tasks when freshest
  4. Consolidating Time in Big Chunks
  5. Before every task undertaken- identifying the Objective it must Achieve
  6. Tolerating Zero Clutter
  7. 80:20 Rule
  8. Ready-Fire aim- Killing procrastination
  9. Deadlines always
  10.  Keeping to all Promises
  11.  Being Obsessed with Punctuality
  12.  Getting Specific- Boiling down on the Roots of Issues
  13.  Tracking Numbers- they never Lie.
  14.  Making conscious Decisions continuously
  15.  Keeping the Momentum Going always
  16.  Biochemistry, Hormones- Fixing them, Optimizing them
  17.  Guarding your Time- Delegating Everything you do not have to do yourself
  18.  Developing a sense of own Intuition. Then Trusting it
  19.  Doing only One thing at a time
  20.  Committing time to Learning something daily
  21.  Zero Self-Denial
  22.  Making yourself Accountable to others- anyone
  23.  Developing Convictions- Standing for something
  24.  Finding an Excellent Mentor, then following his advice
  25.  Enjoying the Trolls & Haters
  26.  Learning from Successes- more than Failures
  27.  Putting own Strengths to work
  28.  Asking Daily- Where can I contribute?
  29.  Keeping a Daily Time Log
  30.  Taking Massive Action
  31.  Facing Deepest Fears to Grow most
  32.  Learning about own desires Based on what makes you Jealous
  33.  Zero Tolerance for any Form of Toxicity
  34.  Unleashing Creativity- not giving a Fuck the world
  35.  Bettering your Best
  36.  Consistency Always
  37.  Never Giving up
  38.  Clear Communication
  39.  Honoring your own Truth
  40.  Relying on Discipline, not Motivation
  41.  Taking Risks- Living Life on the Offensive, instead of Defensive
  42.  Testing own Assumptions in the Real World Fearlessly
  43.  Never aiming for Perfection- But Getting on with it
  44.  Learning from the Past, Living in the Present- to Actively Create the Future

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