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Why you are a master at NOTHING

  1. Fragmented Efforts
  2. Attachment to Immediate Short-term Results, Not Long Term
  3. Panicking & Giving up at the First Sign of Trouble
  4. Not Expecting backlash and Resistance
  5. Drowning in the Quick fix Mentality
  6. Being Heavily Fixated on the Outcome, not the Process
  7. Being Unable to take Pleasure in the Endless Repetition of Ordinary acts
  8. Being Over Competitive -Depending on Excessive External Motivation
  9. Unwilling to look like a Fool
  10. Not Surrendering to your own hard won Expertise, to reach new Levels of Competence
  11. Not unlearning present Competency to reach a higher level
  12. Not prepared to Suffer, Bear Pain, & 'take beatings'
  13. Not Pushing yourself to the Edge when Required
  14. Unable to laugh at yourself, too fucking Serious
  15. Being too Self Critical
  16. Pressing Impatiently for Completion without Focusing on the Process
  17. Relying Stupidly on ‘Talent’- instead of putting in the Work Required
  18. Not having a Mentor -Not Trusting the Mentor
  19. Unprepared for Serious Negotiations with people who will mostly prevent you from becoming Great
  20. Not have a Regular practice, no Fixed Routine
  21. Not having any Continuity of Purpose
  22. Not being Consistent
  23. Not being Accountable to anyone- lacking someone to Share your Story with Intimately
  24. Not Surrendering to the Demands of your Discipline
  25. Lacking Control over your Impatience for ‘Maximum Performance

Conduct a Serious Self Audit.

Make the Necessary Course Corrections.

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