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Musings on the 'Calculating Individual'

  • He’ll think through very carefully and Execute sharply.
  • He’ll never Reveal the detailed plan in his mind to ANYONE- until the right time & and he knows the right time.
  • He’ll exclude you ( not purposely), if you’re of the slightest impediment.
  • He’ll ensure he does this extremely Tactfully.
  • He’ll concentrate on doing the Right thing, to retain the Moral Edge.
  • He wont mind not including you- he’s totally Self-Reliant.
  • He knows Exactly what he wants, and will take the appropriate Risks to achieve it.
  • He CANNOT Love unconditionally. He knows everyone's place but won’t allow his understandings outward expression.
  • He’s generally very guarded – is driven by own thoughts and understanding. Is never influenced by outside opinion.
  • He’ll Respect others’ ‘space’, but his own the most.
  • He Is generally very Stubborn.
  • He is utterly prepared. When he acts, he leaves no holes to pick.
  • He’s calculating the whole time- how to get ahead, build understanding and take his place in the world.
  • Even relaxation has an objective for him.
  • He finds connecting with people Highly Difficult.
  • He can never experience happiness in relationships really- has no depth of unconditional love to give.
  • His analysis of situations is usually spot on- it’s extremely difficult for him to go wrong.

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