We are facing a Spiritual and Masculine Crisis.

And I wish to be part of the Solution.

This is what Motivates me to Write.

This is why I created this Website.

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Universal Laws

November 1, 2018
  1. Oneness- Everything is Connected. What you say, think, so, has effects on others
  2. Vibration- Each Sound, Thought, Thing has Vibrates at its own Frequency
  3. Action- Without Action, nothing can be Manifested
  4. Correspondence- As above, so Below
  5. Cause & Effect- You Reap what you sow
  6. Compensation- You get back what you create for others & yourself
  7. Attraction- Positive Energies (thoughts, words, actions) attract Positive & Vice Versa
  8. Relativity- There’s always someone who’s situation is worse than yours. There’s always someone who’s situation is better than yours
  9. Polarity- Kill poor Habits and undesirable thoughts by concentrating on the Opposite
  10. Rhythm- Seasons, Cycles, Stages of Growth- everything moves in Rhythms

November 1, 2018