1.  I Created this Website to Contribute my own Perspectives on Life & the ‘Human Experience’ of it.
Instead of Complaining- I Chose to Make it my Purpose to ‘Revive Masculinity & Practical Wisdom in this Age of Degeneracy’.
This Website is my Mission.
It is a LifeLong Resource for Men all over the world seeking Guidance, Motivation & Inspiration to Live a Full, Rich Life.
The work never ends, for there is a LONG way to go.

2. Learning NEVER Ends.
I’ve been extremely Fortunate to Encounter Countless other Wise Men on Twitter.
Their Life Stories, Experiences, Unique Lessons & View points– all have Enriched & Inspired me to Live Fuller & Deeper. I will Forever be Grateful.

3.  I’m Here for Human Connection.

We are facing a Spiritual and Masculine Crisis.

And I wish to be part of the Solution.

This is what Motivates me to Write.

This is why I created this Website.

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