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1. I Created this Website to Contribute my own Perspectives on Life & the 'Human Experience' of it.

The Degeneracy of Modern Day Society causes me Great Pain.

Instead of Complaining - I Chose to Make it my Purpose to 'Revive Masculinity & Practical Wisdom in this Age of Degeneracy’.

This Website is my Mission. It is a LifeLong Resource for Men all over the world seeking Guidance, Motivation & Inspiration to Live a Full, Rich Life.

The work never ends, for there is a LONG way to go.

I also provide Direct Value to the Individual.

2. Learning NEVER Ends.

I’ve been extremely Fortunate to Encounter Countless other Wise Men on Twitter. Their Life Stories, Experiences, Unique Lessons & View points - all have Enriched & Inspired me to Live Fuller & Deeper. I will Forever be Grateful.

3. I’m Here for Human Connection.

What Is

Astrology, horoscopes,
numerology & more...
  • Discovering your personality
  • Detecting possible daily troubles
  • Giving advice in love, relationships, or business
  • Providing better life understanding
  • Making predictions for the future


One discussion can truly change the trajectory of your life! Appreciate the support and advice! @fatehshernu



Thank you @fatehshernu for your time. It helped me to rediscover my strengths, which will further helps me to raise my value.

Karthik Reddy

Karthik Reddy

Just had a great consultation with @fatehshernu Clear, concise, to the point. Get in touch with him to gain some clarity and get some insights on mapping out your journey! Can’t recommend it enough.



Really enjoyed my conversation with @fatehshernu . Insightful stuff that led me to understand more about how I get in my own way plus solutions to these issues to live a more enjoyed experience. Definitely recommend a follow and he’s quick with responding if you reach out



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Astro Travel

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Child’s Horoscope

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Reflections on the Wisdom From
the Stars and Planets

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