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– Irresolute and Oscillating

– Half Decided Questions Lingering in their minds

– Swords Hanging over their heads

– Exert an overall Demoralizing influence

– Always on the Fence about the Smallest of things

– Create a Whole Atmosphere around them which is Loaded with Indecision

– Constantly Wavering- they are Timid and generally Hesitant

– Terrified to Burn bridges behind them, are mostly Panic Stricken

– Actions are always Delayed

– Witness Lost Opportunities

– Can’t Let go of anything

– Want cake and Eat it too

– Can’t bear Sacrificing anything

– Roundabout people- Masters at Unclear, Hazy, Foggy thinking

– Always seen Stumbling and Fumbling

– Mentally Indolent and Inefficient

Be this Man if you wish for a Life of Utter Failure.

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