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17 Questions for Intelligent Living

  1. Am I Truthful with myself or am I denying many parts/areas of my life to myself? (Denial = Death. You will never grow if you’re in Denial).
  2. What Self- Development do I need to make the Contributions I should be making?
  3. Am I accepting FULL Responsibility for every fucking thing in my Life? What do I REALLY Want? Why am I not chasing it?
  4. What am I willing to do to get it? What Price am I willing to pay? Why am I not paying that price? Do I REALLY want it in which case?
  5. Am I putting in the time to do what needs to be done? If not, why not?
  6. How do I continue building Self-Discipline?
  7. Am I making Meaningful Contributions to the world? Why not?
  8. Am I taking Command of my own Life, or am I Blindly & Cowardly following other people?
  9. Are my Actions producing Results or am I just fucking around?
  10. Am I giving up too easily? Do I have any lasting Commitment?
  11. What Actions must I stop taking to waste less time & Focus like a Hawk?
  12. Do I easily succumb to Fear or do I generally live courageously? Why am I a coward?
  13. What does my Heart want? What can I do to Honor the path of my Heart?
  14. Do I take Initiative or I’m always stuck, waiting for things to happen (which never happen)?
  15. Am I manipulative in my approach in the way I get things done, or I take Boldly Pursue the Direct Route?
  16. Am I in Alignment with my own self?
  17. What are the things I can start doing to Express my Creative Energies?

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