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  1. Discover your Strengths
  2. Find out how you Perform
  3. Know your Values
  4. Find out where you Belong
  5. Know what you should Contribute
  6. Take Responsibility for your Relationships

1. What are my Strengths?

Building Performance on Weakness is Impossible. Yet most people foolishly attempt to IMPROVE their Weaknesses. You can Perform only from Strength.

When making a Key decision

  • Write down what you expect will happen. Then compare Actual Results with your Expectations after a year. This will show you where:
  •  You're good at
  • You are only Mediocre
  •  You Lack Definite Talent & Skill.

Never Waste Energy & Time improving areas of Low Competence. Concentrate on acquiring Knowledge to further IMPROVE & FULLY REALIZE YOUR STRENGTHS.

For this, you must overcome the natural tendency to be intellectually arrogant when it comes to your Strengths.

This could cause disabling Ignorance. Also- Remedy only those Weak habits that INTERFERE in your STRENGTHS & inhibit your Performance.

Forget the other weaknesses.

2. How do I actually Perform?


  • How do I Learn Best? By Reading, Listening, Writing, Watching, Doing, or a Mix?
  • Do I work well with people or Alone?
  • In what Position in a Relationship, do I Perform Best? As a Mentor, Coach, Subordinate, Leader?
  • Do I Perform better under a non-structured environment or do I need a highly Structured, Predictable Environment?

Concentrate on Working harder to improve the way you ALREADY PERFORM. DON'T CHANGE YOURSELF.

Or even attempt changing yourself.

3. What are my most Deeply held Values?


What are my most important Responsibilities for Living a Worthy Life?

Your Strengths may not fit with your Value system in which case, you cannot Devote your Life to that work.

Values are the Ultimate Test.

4. Where do I Belong?


  • What type of work Environment can I best Contribute?

At least by 25, you should know where you DO NOT Belong. If you know your Strengths, your Values, how best you perform- you are at least prepared for the Right opportunities when they arrive.

Knowing where you belong- can transform you into an Outstanding Performer, from a Mediocre one.

5. What should I contribute?

This leads to Self Fulfillment & Success and Actual tangible Contribution.


  • What does the situation Require
  • Given my own Strengths, the way of Performing, Values
  • how can I make the Greatest Contribution to what needs to be done?
  • What Results have to be Achieved to make a Difference?

The Attainment of the Results must require Stretching, yet must be within reach. They must also be Meaningful & Measurable.

6. Taking Responsibility for your Relationships

It’s an absolute Duty, a Necessity. The World is run on Trust, not Force. Pay attention to other People - understand THEIR Strengths, Values, Method of Working & so on.

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