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Never be Unhappy Again

This is not a short article, be warned. If you truly understand & put into action the points contained in this article, you can entirely reverse your existence. I can guarantee this. If you lack the time now, shut this window and come back later. I want your undivided focus & attention. If you're still reading-- great!…

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ESSENTIALS Fuck your Ego- Become obsessed with the Idea of Adding Value. Here's your Shortcut to 'Happiness'. Fuck 'Sweet Sentiments'. That's not Love. Love is Giving. It is Sacrifice. Fuck 'Grinding'. Grinding indicates Tiresome Drudgery. Drudgery ensues when there is no IDEAL. Make your Hard work an Adventure. Have some Ideal in Mind…

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17 Questions for Intelligent Living

17 Questions for Intelligent Living Am I Truthful with myself or am I denying many parts/areas of my life to myself? (Denial = Death. You will never grow if you’re in Denial). What Self- Development do I need to make the Contributions I should be making? Am I accepting FULL Responsibility for…

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BUILDING A LIFE OF EXCELLENCE Discover your Strengths Find out how you Perform Know your Values Find out where you Belong Know what you should Contribute Take Responsibility for your Relationships 1. What are my Strengths? Building Performance on Weakness is Impossible. Yet most people foolishly attempt to IMPROVE their…

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Who are YOU? Write down your: Values - Which Men, do I admire? Look for a common pattern-what do they / did they stand for? Strengths - What can I do uncommonly well with relative ease compared to others? Attitudes toward women - What are my beliefs about women? Currently, how do I…

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Why you are a Master at NOTHING

Why you are a master at NOTHING Fragmented Efforts Attachment to Immediate Short-term Results, Not Long Term Panicking & Giving up at the First Sign of Trouble Not Expecting backlash and Resistance Drowning in the Quick fix Mentality Being Heavily Fixated on the Outcome, not the Process Being…

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BUILDING A MANLY CHARACTER HONESTY - True to Own Intentions. Integrity in Thought, Emotion, Speech i.e Being ONE Man. BRAVERY - An Attitude of Facing Life and Life's Difficulties with a Cheerful Smile. RIGHT - Always doing Right even if its Tough. This leads to Honor and Manly Self Respect. INDEPENDENCE…

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HAPPIEST PEOPLE They All: Possess high Self Knowledge- Know their Values, Strengths, Weaknesses, Desires & Fears. Set & Continuously Strive towards Personally Meaningful Goals that EXCITE THEM. Never stop Learning. Express their Convictions, are not Politically Correct. Nurture Close Relationships. Ensure that Health is a Priority- Have fundamentals in order…

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